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  • "Crazy wisdom is ... wisdom that flouts taboos in order to undermine their power; wisdom that evolves when one, while refusing to avert one’s gaze from the sorrows and injustices of the world, insists on joy in spite of everything; wisdom that embraces risk and eschews security; wisdom that turns the tables on neurosis by lampooning it; the wisdom of those who neither seek authority nor willingly submit to it." -Tom Robbins
  • “…experience shapes us, randomness shapes us, the stars and weather, our own accommodations and rebellions….” –Adrienne Rich


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May 02, 2007



hear, hear


Yeah, I'm glad you're back! Hope things are going well for you!

Shaz Madden

Oh Yeh great song, you have said it all and to be sure I couldnt of said it any better.
I have a bit of a mouth aswell and fuckem if they dont like the truth (its a powerful thing)
You rock honey I hope things are going your way.
Thinking of you xx


i don't usually appreciate poertry so much.
whore, me :D

Devil Mood

I've posted these lyrics a while back, but not with the necessary pondering. It is indeed a powerful, speak-your-mind song.
Expectations are a cancer!
There's another Martha song that kills me: TV Show. The lyrics in the beginning are ...THE TRUTH! ;)


I've got a mouth on me too - wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm loving Feist right now but plan to check out Martha Wainwright soon.


I've listened to Rufus but have yet to listen to Martha. WE LIKE MUSIC!! I like this though. It's good to see they share the same profound style of writing lyrics. They've obviously made an impact on you.

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