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  • "Crazy wisdom is ... wisdom that flouts taboos in order to undermine their power; wisdom that evolves when one, while refusing to avert one’s gaze from the sorrows and injustices of the world, insists on joy in spite of everything; wisdom that embraces risk and eschews security; wisdom that turns the tables on neurosis by lampooning it; the wisdom of those who neither seek authority nor willingly submit to it." -Tom Robbins
  • “…experience shapes us, randomness shapes us, the stars and weather, our own accommodations and rebellions….” –Adrienne Rich


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May 01, 2007



i'll have a listen and try to remain objective then.

and good luck with those agents :)


Glad things are going well V x


Wow, you remembered :) Thanks. We'll have some lefse for you too. And being parents of a 4th grader it's our pleasure to get up at 06 and prepare the 17th festivities this year. Bliss...

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