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  • "Crazy wisdom is ... wisdom that flouts taboos in order to undermine their power; wisdom that evolves when one, while refusing to avert one’s gaze from the sorrows and injustices of the world, insists on joy in spite of everything; wisdom that embraces risk and eschews security; wisdom that turns the tables on neurosis by lampooning it; the wisdom of those who neither seek authority nor willingly submit to it." -Tom Robbins
  • “…experience shapes us, randomness shapes us, the stars and weather, our own accommodations and rebellions….” –Adrienne Rich


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April 26, 2007


Devil Mood

This was fun! :)
I love that sopranos intro song - don't you think it's perfect for driving (obviously influenced by the intro!)? :)
I thought your hair was darker, it seems so in the photos.
I hate weddings too, such completely boredom.
I'm completely frustrated because I downloaded The Science of Sleep dubbed in GERMAN! Fuck, couldn't it be in a language I understood?! grrrr


hey devil mood -- we are online at the same time again!!! i LOVE the intro song it's so BADASSS. my hair is darker....but my natural colour is blonde/brown...something like that! ;) right now it's light brown...only slightly darker than natural. maybe you should give in and rent The Science of Sleep?


I growl, laugh, and cry in my sleep...complete with tears and strange gesticulations.


Great answer, makes you sound like a feral child! Good job with that meme; I did that one at some point not too long ago.

Devil Mood

I'll try to watch it in german, lol, I don't know. I don't have a place to rent nearby, but I won't give up!
I followed your advice on Scarlet's Walk and guess what? I'm in love with a song - Your Cloud. It's so poetic! :) ah!


it was great to read (un)important informations about you :) fun! xxx


you pick good ones. i'm stealing it. as always ;)


that was a fun read, and i'm totally gonna steal this too. :)

Doktor Holocaust

Good choice for the favorite song. I have the longer version on my ipod and have indeed commuted to it whilst smoking a cigar. I felt, for a brief moment, powerful. I still do, but that might just be gas.

stealing this!


everyone -- well, whenever i do memes i'm afraid i'm going to bore everyone....but i always get a fun reaction...which means i have to continue filling them out. and i don't mind. :)

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